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Learn about our actions based on the three ESG pillars

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At CBL, sustainable practices such as respect for human beings and the environment are part of our culture.

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Social Responsibility

CBL is a diverse and inclusive company, mindful of the communities in its surroundings and seeking innovation through strategic partnerships with educational institutions.




CBL values ethics, transparency and integrity in our relations with our internal and external stakeholders, in accordance with a compliance program and code of conduct.

Sustainable growth means ensuring the safety of employees, embracing diversity, inclusion, social responsibility and respect for the environment while ensuring financial health. With ethics and transparency.


Why are we here?

To create value for our customers, shareholders, teams, and society, while operating sustainably and serving the strategic interests of the nation regarding lithium.

Our Vision

Where do we want to get?

We aim to become an international benchmark in the integrated production of lithium minerals and chemical compounds.

Our Values

We base our approach on the following pillars:

  •  Safety of our employees, above all

  •  Respected, committed and fulfilled people

  • Excellence and efficiency in operations

  • Focus on results

  • Integrity with all stakeholders and trust in relationships

  • Social, environmental and economic sustainability

  • Strong partnerships

  • Respect for our customers

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