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Lithium: a strategic product

At a time when energy transition is being debated around the world, lithium is a strategic input for the clean energy chain. The metal is considered essential for eliminating carbon emissions (CO2) generated by fossil fuels, which are largely responsible for global warming.

  • Due to its high electrochemical potential and low density, a large amount of energy can be stored in small volumes, which is why the sustainable supply of lithium-ion batteries has become a strategic product for several countries. 

  • It stands out for being a multipurpose input, used all over the world as a raw material in the production of batteries for electronic devices (smartphones, notebooks and digital cameras). It is also used in various stages of industrial production, such as greases, ceramics, glass, polymers and pharmaceutical formulas.

  • Lithium can result in two stable isotopes: 6Li (lithium-6) and 7Li (lithium-7).  Both are essential for the nuclear industry.

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